27 NOT 227!

For those that haven’t been to the island, or to Island Spirits, on the front of the building, there is a giant Bennit corkscrew…

And, I like to have extra Bennit patents available, as I believe they are a great corkscrew to use, and I like to occasionally gift them to people who express interest in the collection.

So, when a Bennit presents itself, out in the wild, or on eBay, I will often throw down a few dollars, or a fair bid, with the hopes of picking one up for a low price.

And, yesterday, there was a Bennit that was coming to a close on eBay. With only a few minutes to go, I pulled up the listing, and placed a bid.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying too much attention apparently, and when I confirmed the bid, didn’t realize that there was an extra digit in my bid. Yes, what was going to be in the twenties suddenly was in the wo hundreds!

Now fortunately, I was the high bidder at 20 dollars, but if there was suddenly a flurry of bidding, I would indeed be paying a pretty hefty price.

Okay, what to do? What to do?

“Please don’t bid!, Please don’t bid!, Please don’t bid!

With a few minutes still remaining, I hopped quickly onto the eBay bid retraction page, retracted my bid, and entered the right number.


Phew! Bid retracted. Correct bid entered. Bennit won!

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