what’s your favorite?

Every once in a while, someone will come over and visit the house, and at some point will notice that there are a couple of corkscrews laying around.

And, while there are often questions like:

How did you get started collecting?

What is the oldest one you have?

What is the rarest?

What is your favorite?

What is the most you have ever spent?

I think it would make for an interesting survey to find out from each of you (those countless readers that have been wondering why I haven’t blogged in a few days) what your favorite corkscrew is.

I assume that there are probably lots that you love, enjoy, utilize, still bask in the glow of, ogle, admire, or reflect in delight over as you reminisce about the way that you acquired them.

But, is there one? A favorite one?

In the past, when people have asked, I have responded with the fact that I have lots of favorites.

But, if you could only choose one from your own collections, what corkscrew would it be?

Feel free to reply with your favorite. It could make for an interesting list.

No doubt you are wondering, do I indeed have a favorite?

I do.

And, I will add mine to the list alongside yours.

So, what one corkscrew is THE corkscrew?