What’s your favorite: A couple of responses

Thus far, there have only been a couple of responses to my question of “what’s your favorite?” And, I would love to read more–so feel free to respond to the blog post, or email me directly at josef@vintagecorkscrews.com .

Don Bull was quick to respond with his favorite:


John Odd, also responded quickly, but his a little less decisive explaining, “Thinking, thinking … currently well pleased with recent acquisitions including golden knight and Crosby pup as must-haves but THE corkscrew will be a toss-up between i) the folding kupper lager; ii) a crudely carved walrus tusk “greasy luck” T; or iii) one of the favourite group celluloids . Thinking, thinking …. I’ll get back to you.”

I have a feeling that many would be in John’s camp. How do you decide on THE one; that one corkscrew that you cherish over the others in your collection.

Keep the favorites coming!

Yes, I know, I still haven’t published mine…

One response

  1. THE = KUPPER LAGER folding 1894 German registered design of Wilhelm von zur Gathen, The one I have is a little less pristine as the example shown on page 118 of Don Bull’s Ultimate book, but whilst I also have the plain and KUPPER BIER variants shown in Brian May’s paper, the KUPPER LAGER is my favourite.

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