And, still more favorites

While John Odd sent a message about a few candidates for his favorite. Recently, he sent this in:

THE = KUPPER LAGER folding 1894 German registered design of Wilhelm von zur Gathen, The one I have is a little less pristine as the example shown on page 118 of Don Bull’s Ultimate book, but whilst I also have the plain and KUPPER BIER variants shown in Brian May’s paper, the KUPPER LAGER is my favourite.

And, as I had yet to publish my favorite corkscrew (and feel free to keep sending yours in to me), I just returned from the corkscrew case where I opened the top drawer.

There are many many corkscrews that I treasure, some for the rarity or scarcity of the corkscrew. Some others, as acquiring them took a great deal of hunting, bargaining, or trading. Even others, that have a certain sentimentality to them, as they came from good friends.

But, if it is just one, the one that brings a smile to my face every time I see it, is rather simple; a simple T-pull.

The R. Murphy turned ivory handle direct pull is THE one. It is indeed my favorite.


For those that haven’t emailed in, what is your favorite corkscrew?