Tommy’s Favorite

Yesterday morning, Tommy sent in a couple of photos of his favorite corkscrew.

The email read:

Still my favorite!



The Syroco Tramp is truly one of the hardest Syroco corkscrews to find. They rarely turn up, with only a smattering of examples known. Having heard the story about Tommy’s tramp, it certainly took a lot of diligence and months of waiting, multiple emails, phone calls, and a fairly substantial amount of corkscrew in trade to get it.

I got lucky in finding mine. My Syroco Tramp was found at the bottom of a box of openers at the Kane County Flea market outside of Chicago. It was my regular habit to hit the flea every month, and this particular day, I was making the rounds when I glanced into the box. The tramp was facing down, and all I could make out was the screw part, and the back of his hat. I was excited as I expected it to be the country gentleman or the copperfield.

When I pulled out the tramp, I was thrilled. When they quoted 10 dollars, I couldn’t hand the money over fast enough. And, as I walked towards the next booth, I was almost giddy.

It made my best 6 that year (2004). In fact the entire best 6 were Syroco corkscrews acquired that year.


Anyone else have a favorite to share?