The ugliest corkscrew, beyond Don’s submission, which just begs for me to do my best Ian Hunter impression, “It’s a piece of shit…really,” hasn’t garnered many photos.

(for those that don’t know Ian, please feel free to do your best Australian accent here)

So, let’s come up with an alternative.

You have submitted your favorite. And, a few of you even gave a reason why.

So, let’s take the favorite another way. What is your obsession, that guilty pleasure, that group of corkscrews or type of corkscrews that you are excited to find, but might be less than desirable to other collectors.

As all of you well know, I am obsessed with Frary corkscrews. I have also been obsessed with Syroco, Detroit/Puddefoot, Curley, Mumford, etc., but Frary certainly is the thing:


And, while the Frarys do have a bit of value and are fairly rare, I also go after Converse cork pullers.

These don’t carry a huge value, but I love finding oddball advertising on them. And, I am guessing that most collectors might find it a little odd to have 15-20 Converses laying around.

And, I keep looking for more…

Ian has a thing for Adelaides. And, we all know Tommy has more Flashes than anyone in the world. For BT it is signed Clough medicine wires. But, what is your guilty pleasure. What corkscrew, of the more or less common variety, have you become obsessed with?

Feel free to send pictures and comments to

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