adding to Barry’s list

In the most recent issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, Barry Taylor wrote an excellent article on Clough medicine corkscrews, both the flat band and wire types. And, at the end of the article he included a comprehensive list of known Cloughs with advertising.

This, ultimately, will be published on the ICCA’s website for all to see, with hopes that the corkscrew collecting community will continually contribute to it as we discover “new” Cloughs with advertising.

The other day, an interesting Clough with advertising–that of the flat band version–was put up on eBay for a low buy it now. Not really really low, but low enough that it was a fair price.

I grabbed my copy of the BST, and skimmed to Barry’s article (pausing repeatedly to gander at all the Spanish corkscrews from Don Bull’s article in said issue). And, there was the list.


Okay here we go…

Jefferson Club
Jiffy Wire
Judson’s Gold Paint

Okay, Judson’s. But, the seller of the Clough is explained it was an ad for Judson’s Dye.

I went back to the listing, and checked again.

Interestingly, while there are pictures of the advertisement it only shows the tail end of the ad, and nothing regarding to Judson’s.




I also checked Don’s website for his listed Clough corkscrews, no Judson’s Dye there. And, I went back to some old emails from Bob Gilbride, and on his list of Clough’s, no Judson’s Dye there either.

I don’t have a Judson’s Paint, nor a Judson’s Dye, so why not…

So. I clicked the button, and will wait for it to arrive.

But, it looks like we have found another Clough (flat band advertising) variation to add to Barry’s list.

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