Heading to the airport…

The last week has really been a whirlwind. And, over the last couple of days, several corkscrew folk have remarked to me about the blog. I recognize that it hasn’t been updated in a few days, but suffices to say that when we get back home I will try and bring everyone up to date with the recent corkscrewy events; travel, meals, deals, finds, and adventures.

So, it is just shy of 4:00 am in Romania, and we are about to head to the airport. Frankfurt, Boston, and then the drive towards home.

It has been a fantastic three weeks, and I will definitely post more photos (with a little commentary) upon our return.

Oh… I did manage to pick up a couple of corkscrews too!

More soon!

traveling around definitely limits the blogging

Traveling around Romania, has definitely taken away from blogging time. And, when we get to a resting spot, I will add many more photos, and a lot more about our many adventures. Until then, here are some photos from the CCC; the Chirescu Corkscrew Collection in Bucharest. His museum is fantastic, and of course, there are countless corkscrews (although, if you wanted, you could indeed count them).

Here is just a sampling.






If only..


Stay Tuned!

Tom Hanks Crossing

So, the lovely personal personal trainer and I (along with Tommy and Joey) were making the drive from Madrid to Segovia, and Segovia to Logrono and along the way we kept seeing a road sign that I found rather amusing. I snapped a picture, and the lovely and I both agreed it must mean it is a Tom Hanks Crossing.


Now we both recognize that it isn’t a Tom Hanks Crossing, but it does bear a striking resemblance to the scene from Big.


On a more important note, there have been a few corkscrew sightings on the trip. A few hidden gems have changed hands–having been brought out from pants pockets, or hand bags, or coat pockets, and deals are in the works for others.

Yesterday, we visited the Guggenheim in Bilbao where they are having both a Jeff Koons retrospective as well as a Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective. And, within one of the Jeff Koons sculptures there is a corkscrew. No pictures were allowed of that one, but he also has a remarkable Popeye which does look like the Swedish corkscrew:


The Basquait exhibit was fantastic as well, in fact, his work is truly amazing, and remarkably topical and relevant even though he died in 1988.

Today is the visit to Rafael’s winery and corkscrew museum and it should prove to be phenomenal! And, following that is our buy and sell, auction, and AGM.

Corkscrew pictures to follow. Lots and lots and lots of corkscrews!

Stay Tuned!

Pepita is Dead

So, whilst traipsing around Madrid over the last few days, the lovely personal personal trainer and I came across this shop (which was closed, as it is August) Pepita is Dead.



As it turns out, while still closed, Pepita is Dead is a vintage clothing shop that has some notoriety. Their website is currently being worked on, but check it out.

On a corkscrew note, Tommy and Joey arrived yesterday, and we scooped them up at the airport, and made it back to the apartment. This was no small task, as when we headed over to the Metro to board the train that would take us to the next train that would take us to the airport, we came to understand that our Metro stop, and those in either direction for a mile + were all closed for renovations.

Plan B…

Okay, after taking the elevator down to the depths of the city, take 6 escalators–or alternatively stairs–whilst following signs for the number 10 bus. Only to find that the number 10 bus, doesn’t say number 10 anywhere on it. But, what the heck. we boarded, went a few miles to a different Metro station, and descended under the streets again. From one platform to another platform, to a set of stairs, to another set of stairs, to yet another escalator, past two more platforms, to what appeared to be the right train.


Except when you got in the train which was supposed to be the number 10, it read number 7. We looked at each other, and decided to stay on it, as it had to be right. Maybe they use this train for multiple lines. And, it was only two stops from where we would transfer anyway.

First stop, was the right one. Okay, we are heading in the right direction. Next stop, Nuevas Minesterios… perfecto!

Okay… we had made it that far. Now, just find the pink line.

Within a few minutes the number 8 (pink line) arrived, and we got on board–along with lots of people carrying, pulling, or dragging luggage. This seemed to be a pretty good sign.

As we neared the airport, the map on the train showed to airport stops. Terminal 1, 2, & 3, or Terminal 4. Not knowing what terminal Tommy and Joey would be landing in, we opted for the 1,2, or 3, as not only were we picking up Tommy and Joey, we were also picking up a rental car with which we would pick up Tommy and Joey.

The train pulled in, and we started walking towards the terminals–terminal 2, as the arrivals indicated that is where the flight from Frankfurt would be; only to find out that all of the rental cars are located in terminal 1.

No worries, we headed over looking for our rental car company, who as it happens, does not have a location in the Madrid airport. So, we went over to the Hertz counter and asked where Dollar rental car was, and he responded with “right here.” Apparently various rental companies will take the reservations and the cars are handled onsite by combining their rentals.

Note to Dollar/Hertz/Car-company-to-be-named-later signage is a good thing…

After filling out the appropriate paperwork, we hopped in our vehicle and made it out of the rental car area, and into the arrivals at Terminal 2; at precisely the time when Tommy and Joey landed. And, after a short wait at the arrivals, I saw the boys pushing their luggage through the doors, and I lead them to the car.

Now… how to get back to Madrid proper and the apartment.

As it happened, the lovely and I headed over to the Vodafone store two days ago, and she had her sim card changed out on her iPhone, so she has fabulous service. So, Daphne (as we have named the voice on the iPhone maps app) guided us to our front door.

Up the four story walkup with their bags, and we had made it!

So, after the briefest of breaks, we headed out (on foot) for lunch–eating that the restaurant above Mercado de San Anton. This was followed by a trip to the aforementioned vodafone store in the pursuit of additional sim cards–apparently their system was down however, and no sim cards were being sold.

In Puerto del Sol we boarded a tour bus, and they guys got a nice overview of the city. And, after the tour, we started to walk back home.

After a while we discussed eating in rather than going out, and knowing the jet lag was hitting the guys, the lovely and I headed off to a local market where we picked up food and wine, and came back to make dinner.

And, while we were prepping and cooking, I took a break to bring out some corkscrews for Tommy to look at. He went through the box, and pulled out a couple, and asked how much. He made a fairly decent offer, and I suggested an extra 50 dollars. He wasn’t budging, so I suggest we flip for it. However, instead of a 50 dollar flip, it became a 100 dollar flip; my price if I win, 100.00 less if I lose.


So, there is a fairly substantial wad of cash, a Walker patent peg and worm, and the results of the flip hanging in the balance–or flipping int eh balance as it were.


I grabbed a coin, and TC called it in the air.


I will preface this section of the blog by saying, I have never seen Tommy actually win a flip–maybe he has against TWJ…so, I figured my chances were pretty good.

So, the coin in the air flipping downwards, I catch it in my hand and flip it over.


Thanks for the extra 50 TC!

After the trade (sale) we went about finishing the prep for dinner, dinner and wine, and some lively conversation; eventually we called it a night.

This morning we start the drive to Logrono, and the adventure continues.

Pepita is still dead, but who knows what will turn up next.

estamos cerrados el mes de agosto

The lovely personal personal trainer and I have been exploring the streets of Madrid over the past few days, and we have indeed found a few places where corkscrews might be lurking.


Unfortunately, many of these small shops have signs placed on their doors that explain that they are either closed for the month of August, or closed until a particular date in August–all of these dates past when we will have already left for Logrono (tomorrow).


That said, today, after a morning run, Sue and I will head to the airport to pick up Tommy and Joey, and I have no doubt that TC will have corkscrews with him.

Perhaps a trade will take place before the meeting!

Tomorrow morning, we do head out towards Logrono where the ICCA meeting will begin. And, there will definitely be corkscrews there!

Part of the meeting will be touring Rafael’s museum and corkscrew collection.

And, of course the buy and sell, auction, and show and tell always offers lots of corkscrews.

Stay tuned!

Still no corkscrews, but we are having a great time…

The lovely and I have been enjoying Madrid immensely, and yesterday was spent walking the city streets and sampling the local fare.





Okay, maybe it wasn’t really “local” fare, as we found ourselves at the Ritz…




Still, it was pretty darn yummy!

We did manage to find an antique store, that looked like it had potential, but unfortunately it was closed.

So, no corkscrews as of yet, sans the ones that I brought for the meeting that are (repeatedly) being put to good use on various Albarinos, Ruedas, and Rosados, and the occasional Ribera del Duero.


But, you just never know what we might find on our next outing.

Stay Tuned.

traipsing around Madrid

Yesterday consisted of a bit of walking around Madrid, and as is often the case when we travel (beyond corkscrews) our traipsing around involves visiting food markets. And, true to fashion, our morning began with seeking out Mercado de San Anton.


As we both love to cook, and given we have an apartment with a full kitchen, why not pick up a few things…





Still, given that it was early in the day, and we didn’t want to carry that much, we figured we would return on our way home and stock up.

So, we headed off in another direction, enjoying the sights of Madrid–with our next stop being the Thyssen Museum.

While they have a fabulous collection, they currently have Vogue like a painting exhibit which is also worth a visit!



Following the Thyssen, and a much needed coffee, we were off again, exploring the city and oddly enough turning up at another food market!





After exploring the stalls of Mercado de San Miguel, we both agreed that it was time for lunch and we preferred Mercado de San Anton… So off we went; retracing our steps and purchasing some semi-hard goat cheese, some Ribera del Duero and Rueda (why not have two bottles) a lovely tenderloin, and some potatoes and asparagus–this ultimately became dinner.

A lovely day out and about.

(yes, that is the lovely personal personal trainer in an Antique Archeology tank).

;Boston to Munich / Munich to Madrid

After spending a day traipsing around old our haunts in Boston on Sunday, the lovely personal personal trainer and I parked the new (used) all-terrain-corkscrew-pursuit-vehicle and made our way into the international terminal in Boston.

The flight was on time, and after a brief stop at Vino Volo, we were on a flight to Munich.

(According to the flight information on the computer screen provided by Lufthansa, at approximately 8:32 in the morning we were flying over Reading, and I did wave to Peter, who I didn’t see waving back).

After a brief layover in Munich (and some coffee and a nosh) we were soon on or way to Madrid, where after receiving our bags (corkscrews included) we hopped in a taxi to the apartment that we have rented for the week.

Our hosts arrived promptly, and helped us up the stairs to our temporary digs, and the place is quite nice. And, it is in a cute neighborhood with everything one would need within walking distance.

After stashing out bags, walk we did. No corkscrews as of yet, although I did find a small used furniture store that did indeed have an older pocketknife with corkscrew attached. Still, not my cup of tea really, so we passed on that one.

This morning we plan to go for a run, which will allow for a greater idea of the neighborhood, and those neighborhoods further afield. And, after that (and requisite showers) we will merely enjoy Madrid, the food, the architecture, the museums, and if an antique store should present itself, perhaps a little corkscrewing around.

Stay tuned, you never know what will turn up next!