The official countdown begins

Okay, maybe it isn’t “official,” but soon enough the lovely personal personal trainer and I will be heading off island, heading down to Boston, and then making our way to Spain for the ICCA Annual General Meeting, and then Bucharest for the CCCC meeting.

So, over the next few days–beyond working at the wine shop, and getting it set up for the time we are away–we will be packing our bags, packing up corkscrews for the buy and sell, packing up corkscrews for the auction, and packing up one or two for the show and tell…

And, there are corkscrews that people have asked me to hold, and bring to them at the meetings.

I might need an extra bag.

I do have a list of things that need to get done before we leave, and fortunately one of the “to dos” is heading to the mainland for the Union Antiques Show. That is on Saturday, and you never know what might show up there!

As far as our itinerary (after the antique show) we will head down to Boston to play for a day, and then fly to Madrid, where we have rented an apartment for a few days. Tommy is supposed to fly in a day before the meeting starts, and the next morning we will drive to Logrono, where the meeting will take place.

Obviously there will be a myriad of corkscrews to be viewed, traded, sold, bid upon, talked about, and drooled over. I am bringing the laptop with, so I will post pictures here and on Facebook for those that are not attending (and for those that are).

After the ICCA AGM, we drive back to Madrid (spend the night) and head off to Bucharest a day before the meeting starts to see the “L’Africain Wing” at the Chirescu corkscrew museum.

okay, there isn’t really a L’Africain wing, but, we are going a day early.

Of course, there will be lots and lots and lots of corkscrews in Bucharest, and lots of attendees at the meeting. Who knows what will turn up at the buy and sell and auction? Again, I will post pictures!

We are also part of the touring contingent that follows the meeting, so a week of traveling around Romania with some good friends.

I will try and update the blog regularly, but it is entirely possible that for that week the laptop is put away, all electronic devices are put in our bags, and we just enjoy another fantastic adventure.

Still, stay tuned, you never know what might turn up next.