traipsing around Madrid

Yesterday consisted of a bit of walking around Madrid, and as is often the case when we travel (beyond corkscrews) our traipsing around involves visiting food markets. And, true to fashion, our morning began with seeking out Mercado de San Anton.


As we both love to cook, and given we have an apartment with a full kitchen, why not pick up a few things…





Still, given that it was early in the day, and we didn’t want to carry that much, we figured we would return on our way home and stock up.

So, we headed off in another direction, enjoying the sights of Madrid–with our next stop being the Thyssen Museum.

While they have a fabulous collection, they currently have Vogue like a painting exhibit which is also worth a visit!



Following the Thyssen, and a much needed coffee, we were off again, exploring the city and oddly enough turning up at another food market!





After exploring the stalls of Mercado de San Miguel, we both agreed that it was time for lunch and we preferred Mercado de San Anton… So off we went; retracing our steps and purchasing some semi-hard goat cheese, some Ribera del Duero and Rueda (why not have two bottles) a lovely tenderloin, and some potatoes and asparagus–this ultimately became dinner.

A lovely day out and about.

(yes, that is the lovely personal personal trainer in an Antique Archeology tank).