estamos cerrados el mes de agosto

The lovely personal personal trainer and I have been exploring the streets of Madrid over the past few days, and we have indeed found a few places where corkscrews might be lurking.


Unfortunately, many of these small shops have signs placed on their doors that explain that they are either closed for the month of August, or closed until a particular date in August–all of these dates past when we will have already left for Logrono (tomorrow).


That said, today, after a morning run, Sue and I will head to the airport to pick up Tommy and Joey, and I have no doubt that TC will have corkscrews with him.

Perhaps a trade will take place before the meeting!

Tomorrow morning, we do head out towards Logrono where the ICCA meeting will begin. And, there will definitely be corkscrews there!

Part of the meeting will be touring Rafael’s museum and corkscrew collection.

And, of course the buy and sell, auction, and show and tell always offers lots of corkscrews.

Stay tuned!

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