Tom Hanks Crossing

So, the lovely personal personal trainer and I (along with Tommy and Joey) were making the drive from Madrid to Segovia, and Segovia to Logrono and along the way we kept seeing a road sign that I found rather amusing. I snapped a picture, and the lovely and I both agreed it must mean it is a Tom Hanks Crossing.


Now we both recognize that it isn’t a Tom Hanks Crossing, but it does bear a striking resemblance to the scene from Big.


On a more important note, there have been a few corkscrew sightings on the trip. A few hidden gems have changed hands–having been brought out from pants pockets, or hand bags, or coat pockets, and deals are in the works for others.

Yesterday, we visited the Guggenheim in Bilbao where they are having both a Jeff Koons retrospective as well as a Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective. And, within one of the Jeff Koons sculptures there is a corkscrew. No pictures were allowed of that one, but he also has a remarkable Popeye which does look like the Swedish corkscrew:


The Basquait exhibit was fantastic as well, in fact, his work is truly amazing, and remarkably topical and relevant even though he died in 1988.

Today is the visit to Rafael’s winery and corkscrew museum and it should prove to be phenomenal! And, following that is our buy and sell, auction, and AGM.

Corkscrew pictures to follow. Lots and lots and lots of corkscrews!

Stay Tuned!

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