Another Hazeline and a Walker Patent Quandt Brewing Bar Screw

After putting up yesterday’s post regarding advertising spoons, Leon sent an email with a photo showing another version of the Hazeline spoon.

Thanks Leon!


Interesting to note, that on this spoon it does have the word PATENT amongst all of the advertising like the Wah-Parilla example. The other Hazeline has the word PATENTED just under the hinge of the corkscrew.

On another exciting corkscrew note, a deal was struck the other day for a 1891 Walker patent bar screw, with a very cool advertising plate.


Now it is pretty clear that the bar screw has been repainted, and in conversations with the seller, I came to find out that it was recently painted. And, soon enough, after it arrives on the island, with a little paint remover and elbow grease, it will become unpainted.

Still, it is a really nice example of the Walker patent with an advertising plate for Quandt Brewing Co. Troy, N.Y.





Since it is a brewery piece, surely Tipped Worm Johnny is frothing at the mouth over this one. And, I am sure either a dollar figure or an offering of corkscrews in trade will be emailed in short order.

Of course, since there is a Troy connection, maybe it should be placed in the collection next to the Curleys, Hicks & Reynolds, Straits, etc….