100 corkscrews next Sunday!

This morning over coffee, after a bit of searching, I ran into an advertisement for a collection of corkscrews for sale. And, after waiting for a decent hour, I made a phone call and connected with the seller.

He explained that he collector culinary gadgets and the corkscrews are merely a part of his massive collection, and he further explained that he wanted to sell the corkscrews as one lot. I have only seen a few pictures, but based on what I have seen and what he was asking for the purchase, we have struck a deal.

Consider them sold, I explained, and we have arranged for a time for me to pick them up.

So, a week from today, I will head down to his place (several hours driving) and money and corkscrews will exchange hands. Of course, knowing that he collects culinary gadgets, I am hoping there might be more than the 100 that were advertised.

Here are a few pictures that were made available.





I wonder what the other 50-60 might be!!!!

A week to ponder and wonder…

More as it happens!

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