Klages Cork Screws

From Hardware, devoted to the American hardware trade… v.11 (published in 1895).

Klages Cork Screws

The illustrations here shown represent two new designs in corks screws placed on the market by Fredrick Klages & Co., No. 107 Chambers Street, New York. As shown in Fig. 1 the screw is contained in the body of the bottle, the neck unscrewing to allow it to be drawn out. The neck is again screwed on to the body and is ready for pulling corks.

The bottle is shown in Fig. 2, is 2 ¾ inches long, finished in nickel plate. A brass plate on the bottle has the words “Crooked but has a Pull.”


The cigar Cork Screw when closed measures 4 inches in length, taking up no more room in the pocket than a cigar.

The attractive features of these good include their utility, the novelty of the designs and the facility with which they may be carried in the vest pocket.

Here is an example of Klages’ cigar Cork Screw – Courtesy of Don Bull.


Thanks Don!

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