As mentioned the other day, I went to go visit a corkscrew collection on Sunday, and I did come away with a few corkscrews (about 100 actually).


Of the hundred however, there were only a few stand outs. Syroco Indian, Heeley Double Lever in the original box, Magic Owl thingy (also in its original box), a handsome horn handle mechanical with a Sterling endcap, which was engraved for a 1906 golf tournament, and a hard to find wire frame.






Knowing that I was going to visit the collector who was selling off, Tommy had mentioned what pieces he wanted. So, he will be taking a fair amount of the collection (almost all of it) as it was the wire frame that was the piece that I really wanted.


And, a piece that might make the best 6 of the year.

As for the stuff that Tommy is getting, I have no doubt that much of the collection will be destined for eBay–be sure to keep an eye out for Tommy’s listings (aka syrocokid).

On another corkscrew note, the other day a seller on eBay listed a LeRoy Haff patent roundlet for a steal of a buy it now. I snapped it up, and will look forward to its arrival to compare with the others in the collection.



If it ends up being a double, I will report back here, as I am always open to a trade. Whatcha Got? Drop me a line at Josef@vintagecorkscrews.com

Stay tuned, you never know what might turn up next…

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