heading West…

After the acquiring the corkscrew collection recently (and the LeRoy Haff patent) things have been quiet on the corkscrew front. And, the focus has been on the wine shop. The season has been winding down on the island, and the wave of visitors has subsided.

Of course, the corkscrewing will continue, as will the wine shop.

That said, the lovely personal personal trainer and I head off to California on Monday. This will be for a variety of reasons, but largely to see family.

And, of course, given that we will be in the vicinity, a trip to see Jack and Betty.

(There may be a corkscrew to be had there as well).

For those with whom I have struck deals over the past few days. Gav & TWJ your corkscrew(s) should be arriving any moment. And, TC, the best of the collection (minus the wire frame) will be there by Monday–the large bulk box will take a bit longer.

Also, the Haff patent did end up being identical to the other one in the collection, so if anyone would like to make a trade or two, I have a few doubles (of various patents) with which I am willing to part.

Drop me a line!

More as it happens (or doesn’t happen).

One response

  1. I have interest in the Indian.
    Don’t know why Ion bought the English 2 pillar on ebay,he has a better one! Anyway,a good price.
    Just home and will look at can openers article. I have a problem,I seem to only have the PDF, lost the Word doc. I guess there is a way of converting it.
    Australian wine must be looking reasonable value again in US$. No idea how hard it is but I’d be happy to help this end.

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