Back home!

On Tuesday, we got an early start (3:00 am alarm) so we could make our way to LAX where we boarded the first to two planes which ultimately got us to Portland Monday afternoon. And, after a brief ride up the coast in the ATCPV (all terrain corkscrew pursuit vehicle) we had dinner at a favorite spot in Brunswick, Maine and then headed over to our hotel for the night.

Wednesday morning it was another drive (a rather wet one) up the coast to pick up Philos where he has been boarded, and then hopping on the boat for the island. Despite the wind and the rain (and a rather exciting boat ride) we made it back in the afternoon, and began getting back to non-vacation mode.

That said, you are probably wondering about the corkscrews. Of the many corkscrews acquired over the last few days, one deal brought several Clough advertising bands into the collection. While, I have owned the Heller Chicago before, and gave it up in a trade, I managed to pick up the following:

(another) Heller Chicago
Yellow Striped marked with Clough’s patent.
Carters ink marked for Cloughs patent
Carters Ink marked for Williamson’s patent
Cummings Sarsparilla
Red Star Cough Syrup
Youth-G-Lede Hair Colouring
Brown Iron Bitters
Valley Tan Remedies

Those bold, do not appear on BT’s list of known Clough advertising corkscrews (always nice to find a few “new” ads).


There is also an interesting Clough sheath with a smaller worm, and Rockwell Clough advertising-this one reads “CLOUGH’S CENTENNIAL WIRE CORK SCREW, PAT’D APR. 6- 75, PAT’D FEB. 1- 76.” While this has turned up in the past, on occasion, it will make a nice addition to the Clough collection.



Of course, there are more corkscrews to share beyond this grouping. One of which I was thrilled to pick up.

For those of you that are regular readers, you might remember the Klages cigar corkscrew that I mentioned last month.


How could I resist adding a cigar corkscrew to our collection? This one is not marked with the Patent Pending mark, but is marked NON PLUS ULTRA across the cigar band.




An advertisement for Non Plus Ultra Cigars perhaps?


There are even more corkscrew stories to share, and several other deals in the works. And, of course, the corkscrew collectors auction will soon be upon us. Who knows what might turn up there.

Stay tuned.

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