And, the corkscrew collecting world wipes the drool off of their respective computer screens

Yesterday morning, those that are on Don Bull’s “notify” mailing list–those who asked to be notified about the sale–received an email announcing that the sale has begun, and Don Bull is selling of his collection.

After clicking the link in the email, part of his website reads as follows:

“Corkscrews for Sale

The Bull Collection

Updated October 4, 2015, 10:30 PM Virginia Time

I am offering my collection of 40 years for sale. In the coming weeks/months, I will be posting PDF links on my website. Each PDF will contain corkscrews with photos which show condition, some description, and marks. These corkscrews will be sold on a first commitment basis.”

With 20 pages (thus far) of corkscrews being offered, and knowing that time is of the essence given “first commitment basis.” It is time to click fast. Study even that much more quickly. Briefly pause to wipe the drool off the screen and the keyboard, and then fire of an email saying, “I will take this, that, those, and oh yes, that one too.”

There are fantastic corkscrews available, and on the off chance that you didn’t get the email–which is doubtful–you can link to the sale here .

I will say, I did automatically go to the American patent pages first. And, it was within short order that I was compiled an email to Don.

Still, while I have made a commitment to a few, there are so many others that will be going to collections all over the world.

And, having gone back to the pages this morning–well truth be told about half a dozen times since the email was received–a lot have sold already.

Also, according to Don’s website, there will be many pages of corkscrews to come. I can’t wait to see what comes up next.

I believe it may be time to break open the (corkscrew) piggy bank.