“Clough’s CROK-SCREW”

I know that this will come as a shock to some of you, but I tend to get a bit obsessed with the minutiae in this corkscrew collecting thing. So it is not uncommon to find me pouring over the details of this corkscrew, and that corkscrew, looking for differences, different markings, etc.

And, as mentioned the other day, I recently picked up a few more Clough advertising corkscrews.


Now, it is rather obvious that the advertisements would be different, but there are also a variety of ways that the Clough (and one Williamson) corkscrews are marked.

Several of these markings are mentioned in O’Leary–with various patent dates. But, there are some other interesting variations…








And, on the Williamson:



There is also one that reads–as the title of the blog suggests–CLOUGH’S CROK-SCREW.”


And, another that features a tiny graphic showing a Clough flat-band medicine corkscrew on the band itself.


The CROK-SCREW misspelling appears on the Cumming’s Sarsaparilla advertisement.

Do any of yours have a similar spelling? Do any of yours feature the tiny Clough graphic. Time to break out your advertising Cloughs and a magnifying glass.

What other markings are out there?


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