For the past decade or so (not counting this year, as I didn’t attend the JFO meeting), I have brought countless corkscrews and openers with brewery advertising to the meeting with the intention of making a trade or two with TWJ (that’s Tipped Worm Johnny for those that are new to the blog).

And, there have been some pretty big trades–or sales when a trade couldn’t be agreed upon.

Even between meetings, when I find something unusual or rare and brewery related, I drop him an email asking if this particular piece is Rainier-worthy.

Rainier worthy? you ask….

As it happens, TWJ has in his possession a 1914 Josephine M. Spielbauer patent corkscrew which is an advertising piece for Rainier Beer. It is a fantastic and rare American corkscrew, and one that I really want to add to the collection.

While I will continue the hunt for brewery advertising openers and corkscrews as tradebait, I have finally acquired something that is Rainier worthy!

Worthy, as it is the Josephine M. Spielbauer patent itself.


One of the corkscrews that came from Don Bull’s current sale, it surely will make the best 6 of the year.

Thanks for the deal Don.

And TWJ…whatcha got to trade other than the Rainier!