I just can’t help myself…

I have a lot of Murphy corkscrews.

And, I mean a lot of Murphy corkscrews…

And, when I am out and about antiquing, and I find one, I almost always pick it up, as there are so many variations in shape, size, and sometimes markings. That said, there are a couple of Murphys that are harder to come by, and while I do have one Murphy that has a blade on the handle, these certainly are less common than those of the non-knife variety.

So…last week what looked to be a Murphy with blade was listed on eBay. And, seeing the listing, and with no mark indicated, I sent the seller a note inquiring if there was a signature.

He responded, explaining it is faint, but there is indeed a signature “B. MURRAY BOSTON.”

And, in short order, he added this bit of information to the listing.

I am pretty sure that Murray is actually Murphy.



Now, from the pictures in the listing there is a significant chunk missing from the handle, where perhaps a ravenous beaver had decided to gnaw on it for a while, and in looking at the photos it looks as if the tip of the corkscrew went missing, but…

But, what the heck? A Murphy with a blade, and one that is different than the one in the collection.

I watched and waited, and then a little while before the auction ended threw out a healthy bid. And, as fortune would have it, the beaver-gnawed-tipped-worm-B-Murray-Boston corkscrew will soon be added to the Murphy collection.

If you have a Murphy Boston (or even a Murray Boston) corkscrew with which you would like to part, drop me a line.