la pierre x 4

In late September, I happened upon a La Pierre Sterling roundlet available for sale for a pretty fair price. And, in short order, I completed the transaction…

Here is a picture from the listing:


As it happens, I am only showing the picture from the listing, as the aforementioned La Pierre roundlet has yet to show up.

Patiently, I have been waiting, until Gav shared a link to a La Pierre roundlet that he had recently run across.

Messaging back and forth with the usual suspects on Facebook, as the listing showed sold, I explained that I had picked that up some weeks back.

And, then Tommy chimed in, explaining he bought it.

As did Peter.

Yes, the seller sold the La Pierre to me, and proceeded to relist the item and sell it again to Tommy. And, relist the same item and sell it again to Peter.



And, as we are starting to figure things out, and I am assuming each of us contacting the website through which it was sold, as well as paypal, and the seller themselves, the La Pierre was listed a fourth time.


As it wasn’t much money, and it would provide for an interesting conversation should the seller actually respond to my inquiries as to why she was selling it multiple times, I bought that one too.

Thus far there have been no responses from the seller whom has since been banned from the particular website she was using to sell.


I have already heard from the website that was hosting her listings, and they have apologized for the issue, and Paypal is in process of investigating so funds will be returned (in relatively) short order.

And, somewhere, there is a La Pierre roundlet that surely will be sold a fifth (and possibly sixth, seventh and twenty-third) time on a different website.

Should this picture appear elsewhere, caveat emptor!


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