Judson’s X 5

For those of you that are regular readers, you might recall that not too long ago, I picked up a flat band Clough corkscrew with advertising for Judson’s Dyes

This was a neat find, as it was an example that didn’t make Barry’s recent article on Clough medicine corkscrews.

That said, over the past few weeks, there have been other Judson’s Dye Cloughs put up for auction on eBay. In fact, one seller has had the same listing 5 times.

I inquired as to how many he might have, and he responded explaining that he found several in an apothecary box.


The five different auctions–while using the same images–sold as follows:

On September 3rd – $89.50
On September 13th – $28.65
On September 25th – $13.14
On October 9th – $27.83
On October 22nd – $12.75

Okay, the last one was actually purchased by me, as I gave Barry the one I picked up in July.

The Clough advertising band corkscrews, I promise, will not become an obsession.

Okay, they might. But, I am going to say they won’t.

Still, they are rather cool as a grouping.


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