Combined corkscrew and bottle faucet

From Volume 41 (1879) Scientific American.


We give herewith a novel combination recently patented by Mr. Wm. E. Lant, of Lancaster, Pa. It answers as a bottle faucet, a corkscrew, a bottle opening knife, and brush. It is contrived so that it answers all these purposes without being complicated, and it is cheaply made. The handle is cast together with the hollow conical shank carrying the corkscrew. One end of the handle is formed into a knife for cutting cords, wires, etc., and the other is drilled



and tapped to receive a milled screw having at its inner end a soft rubber plug which may be driven forward by the screw as to stop passage through the shank. The outer end of the milled screw carries a brush used for removing cork chips etc. The arrangement of the passage from the upper end of the corkscrew will be understood by examining the sectional view. The device is used by passing the corkscrew through the cork, and forcing inward the hollow shank until its lateral opening is below the cork. Then, when the milled screw is loosened, the liquid may flow out of the bottle.

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