Barnes and Lifty

As many of you know, Don Bull is in the process of selling off portions of his collection, and yesterday the email announcement came that two pages of can openers would be made available.

As I was working from home yesterday, it was in short order that I was visiting his website.

Opening the first page of corkscrews/can openers, as soon as I saw the second one on the page, I fired off an email.

There very well could be others that I would want, but I felt compelled to act quickly.  Surely there were others perusing the latest offerings.


And, then I went back to the page and scrolled through…

When I opened the second page of corkscrews/ can openers, the same thing happened.

I started to scroll through, and then I saw one that definitely needs to be added to the collection.

And, I quickly fired off another email.


So, the Barnes can opener and “Lifty” will soon be heading to the island.

Thanks for the deals Don!

And, if any of you out there haven’t checked out Don’s site, or told him that you want to be part of his email list when he adds new stuff…make haste!

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