dirty dozen

We are still a few months out from the end of the corkscrew-collecting-fiscal-year, and as is tradition soon enough collectors will be sorting through this year’s corkscrew acquisitions and selecting their best 6 of the year.

While Don Bull’s corkscrew sales and the latest collectorcorkscrews.com auction (bidding opens on Friday) will surely throw a wrench in the works, I have been taking a look at what are the potential candidates for my best 6 of 2015.

There are a myriad of approaches to what makes up one’s best 6.  For some they use their best 6 to illustrate variations on a theme.  For others, it is the most valuable pieces, or the most sought after pieces, or the best deals made.

For me, it is less about value, and more about appropriateness of fit within the collection.  Perhaps it is a new discovery, or that one particular corkscrew that I have coveted for years and it finally made it into the collection.

So, at this point–and we know this will surely change given the aforementioned Bull sale and CC Auction–here are the 12 that have the potential of making the cut.  Of course, I am also including a poll at the end.  Feel free to weigh in on which corkscrews you think are the best of the 12.

The Wire Frame:


The Spielbauer / Rainier


The Klages “Non Plus Ultra” Roundlet:


The Glass Zeilin Patent


The Embossed Curley:


The Oversized Walker:


The Kahlen and Jordan Patent “Bottleking”


The Nickel-Plated Frary with decorative handle and spike:


The Folding Greeley:


The Gessler Patent:


The Silver Knight:


Of course, with two months and a couple of days to go, anything could happen.

But, what do you think? Pick the 6 that should make the list!