One of the corkscrews that has been on my wish list for some time is the Curley patented corkscrew that is marked EMPIRE across the handle.


Given the variety of Curley corkscrew out there, it is one that really does “belong” in the collection. And, one was listed in the first round of the collectorcorkscrew.com’s auction that ended over the weekend.

These rarely turn up, and the one that came out of Fred’s collection ended up in Ion’s hands.

I am pretty sure BT already has this one, and I wasn’t sure if JM had one already. He really likes Curley’s as well, having jumped on an embossed one at the ICCA AGM.


Knowing what he paid for that one, and that Fred’s commanded a fairly high amount. I placed a bid and hoped–not expecting to prevail.

And, then JM bid.

When the auction ended, I was indeed the highest bidder. But, alas, the reserve had not been hit.

After a few emails, and a little negotiation, a deal was struck however. And, the Empire Curley will be heading to the island, and will be added to the pile of Curleys in the collection.


Okay, I really don’t keep them in a pile:


Soon it will also to be added to the Curley corkscrew page.


Round three and four of the auction will be ending this weekend. Bid high and bid often!