A few corkscrews…

I am aware that I have been a little quiet as of late, and truth be told my focus has been more on the wine shop than on corkscrews.

Shocking, I know.

Still, in between the shop and putting up the finishing touches on the latest issue of The Bottle Scrue Times, I have managed to pick up a few corkscrews.

This one came via a random email offer.  A pretty nice Syroco Indian:


This is a double for me, but the deal was very fair, and…well… how could I resist.

And, I managed to pick up a little celluloid bulldog as well:

This little guy was on eBay, and had a poor photo.   But, he is actually in pretty good shape.

Also, with the auctions over, Don Bull will begin adding more corkscrews for sale on his website tomorrow at 7:30 est time.  Be sure to grab a cup of coffee, and visit his site at 7:45…

Just so I can get a head start!



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