…pivotally and foldably

Last night, while the lovely personal personal trainer was putting some finishing touches on a press release,  I happened to check eBay for a moment.  And, what should appear but a Mclean patent with a buy it now or best offer…

Now, the buy it now price was fair, and as you all  know, I am always looking for a deal and could have made an offer.

That said, had I not clicked the Buy it Now button is surely would have been snapped up.

I clicked. I paid.  I did the American-patent-corkscrew-for-cheap-dance-of-joy…

So what is  this “pivotally and foldably” thing you mention?

In McLean’s 1925 patent description he explains:

“This invention relates generally, to improvements in combination tools; and, the present invention has reference more particularly, to a novel and neat construction of ornamental implement, combining an association of pivotally and foldably connected members, in the form of a key, a box-opener, a seal-cap remover, and a corkscrew, all of which can be attached to the end of a watch-chain, and when folded may be readily and conveniently carried in the vest pocket or the like.”

A very cool little corkscrew that will make for a nice addition to the collection.

As you will note from the pictures, the piece is marked STERLING, and carries a monogram of A.L.N.


Who might have owned this piece?

Abraham Lincoln Neiman perhaps?

Archibald Lucien Nielsen?

Arthur Lloyd Nincompoop?

What might the ALN stand for?