Purifies the Blood. Regulates the liver.

In 2008, I blogged about missing out on a Williamson patent spoon with folding corkscrew carrying an advertisement for Wah-Parilla.   Ever since, I have been on the hunt for another one.

Last week, a Wah-Parilla spoon was listed on eBay, and I put it on my watch list.  And, the auction was ending yesterday.

With a snipe bid set, and the spoon sitting at 77 dollars, I hoped for the best.

This morning over coffee, I checked email, and I had indeed won the auction.  A fair amount above the 77 dollars, but quite a bit less that my snipe bid.

An excellent addition to the collection!  But, what is Wah-parilla you ask?

August 25, 1902 edition of The Burlington Evening Gazette

Tonic Time

The best spring tonic is Wah-Parilla, a purely vegetable remedy compounded from medicinal roots and barks—mainly Wahoo and Sarsaparilla. It corrects the liver, stomach, bowels, and purifies the blood after nature’s methods—pleasantly and certainly.


(Wahoo and Sarsaparilla)

is guaranteed to give a positive benefit. A printed guarantee accompanies every bottle, with instructions to the dealer to return the money if the purchaser is not satisfied with the result. Don’t risk taking mercury and potash—get the pure vegetable blood purifier—Wah-Parilla. At druggists.


Burlington, Iowa


And, in Practical Druggist and Review of Reviews—as well as other publications from the same time (1900) period, the Churchill Drug company registered the trade mark, “Blood purifier or tonic. Churchill Drug Company, Burlington, Iowa. The compound word, “Wah-Parilla.”