Holy McGill Batman


So, apparently while I do spend a bit of time teaching and researching online, I am not paying enough attention to eBay.

Not until a day after the auction ended, did I discover a McGill patent that ended for a pretty low price considering how rare they are.

Selling for just a bit over 300 dollars, it was definitely a deal.

Of course, knowing the usual suspects as I do, I was a little surprised that others really didn’t jump into the fray.


After a second look, it appears that there is a hole in handle.


And, in discussing it with TC, who had it on his radar, he explained that he couldn’t get past that–so he didn’t go for it.

Perhaps others felt similar.

Or, perhaps like me, they just missed it.

Still, a Mcgill is a Mcgill; even a hole-y unmarked one.

Someone got a nice American patented corkscrew for a pretty fair price.

Note to self:  less research, less online teaching, more eBaying!


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