Okay…  I didn’t oversleep, I was simply otherwise occupied when Don Bull’s latest corkscrew sale update went live.

So, there were a couple of corkscrews I definitely would jumped on had I been at the ready, on time, and poised to send an email at 9:30 eastern standard time.

But, I wasn’t.  It wasn’t until 11-ish that I began to peruse the corkscrews.

Unfortunately the Perille Coffee Grinder already had been sold.  I am guessing it was TC, but we haven’t discussed it yet.

Still, going through the myriad of pages of corkscrews, there were many that piqued my interest.   But in this round–so far–it was just one.

One that I think, first, is pretty darn cool.  And, second, will lend itself to researching who, where, and when.


Marked “BELLSCREW” across the handle as well as M G C, the search for information about this piece is on.

If any of you have a similar corkscrew, I would love to see a picture of it.  A prototype?  Is there another?  American?  British?  And, is M G C the name of a company or an individual’s monogram.

Thanks for the deal Don, and I will go back and revisit the pages to see what else might need to be heading to the island.