From an 1899 edition of The Lancet:



is an edible substance of prime lean beef and best wheat flour, thoroughly cooked, properly digested, sterilised, and concentrated in vacuo, and preserved in a sound sherry.


is the food par excellence for invalids; in all acute diseases, fevers, &c.; in convalescence, for the large class of persons who, from feebleness or deranged digestion, or antipathy to ordinary foods, require a fluid, agreeable, and quickly assimilable food.


proves an effective resource against sleeplessness when this is due to excessive fatigue, stress of mental work, or malnutrition.


is at once a grateful stimulant and food.


should not be mixed with milk or any other food, but should be taken pure or with plain, iced, or aerated water. For an adult, the usual portion should be a dessertspoonful to a tablespoonful several times a day and at bed time.


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