Folding Greeley Patent comes to the rescue

So, just before heading off island for a few days, I heard this panicked call from upstairs.

I tore up the stairs to find the lovely personal personal trainer whose earrings had fallen into the bathroom sink, and were somehow suspended (just barely mind you) just beneath the pop-up valve; precariously positioned to disappear into the abyss.

I should add here, that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Not that it happens often, but many years ago in Tucson, AZ there was a hotel whose under the counter pipes and p-trap were secretly dismantled and quietly put back together when a different pair of earrings found their way down the drain.

It pays to know how to work on plumbing.

But, if we could rescue the earrings before falling down the drain, it certainly would save some work.

With no tool handy that would be able to hook the earrings, and return them to safety, I thought for a moment, ran downstairs, and headed to the corkscrew case.

The folding Greely!

That’s it!




It worked!


Crisis Averted!




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