So, this morning over my morning coffee, I happened to take a gander at eBay.  And, I saw a listing for a pair of ladies legs that had a pretty good photo.

But, the photo looked really familiar, with a pretty familiar background to the photo.


Image from Josef’s blog


For those that haven’t seen the corkscrew case in person, it is lined with cork.

Knowing that the image looked more than familiar, I did a search of my own blog and found where they may have lifted the picture.  In a post from  June 27th of 2014, I mentioned the legs.

Of course, they probably didn’t lift them from my blog exactly, it could have been through google images, which is probably why their listing doesn’t mention  that they are the rare mini legs.

Here is their listing: .

I actually sold this pair of legs to A.B. (not AB of Rochester, but A.B. who is a member of the ICCA) in November of 2014 on the auction.  You can link to that listing here.

I haven’t spoken to AB, but I am pretty sure he hasn’t relocated to Lima, Peru where the eBay seller is located, nor would he be selling off a pair of ladies legs from his collection.

I have contacted eBay to report this item, but their reporting system doesn’t really allow for an explanation of the particulars.

That all said, the legs pictured are not what you are really bidding upon.  It could be that the seller has a pair of legs, but I would say buyer beware on this one.


I did send the seller a note asking why they chose to use a photo that doesn’t belong to them, and they have since responded:

“Hello i have the Blue Corkscrew Lady Can Can too, i told my secretary to take new pictures, im sorry for the misundeerstanding i will ask her. i have deleted the auction and will take fresh pictures. i have 3 in total.
thanks for letting me know, im also come from collectors high family.

blessings, fixed, human mistake from secretary.”

The auction has since been ended, and it will be interesting to see if they relist with “new pictures.”

Seems a bit fishy to me.



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