Alcott’s Hand-Line Reel

From the May 26, 1892 issue of The Iron Age

Alcott’s Hand-Line Reel

J. H. and C. H. Alcott, Thomaston, Conn., are offering this article, as illustrated herewith. It is 1/8 inch longer than shown in the cut, nicely plated.


The screw is pivoted, so that it naturally assumes an upright position, but it may be turned either way as desired. The reel is designed to screw into a boat, which may be done without the use of any tool to make a hole, and upon which a line would be wound quickly if the boat is to be moved. The screw may be turned within the reel when not in use. The point is made that, as the screw goes in but 3/8 inch, no hole is made through the boat. When in use the line may be quickly fastened by giving it a half hitch over a prong of the reel. It may also be used as a corkscrew when occasion requires. The manufacturers claim that it is strong and durable, will never rust, and that it will hold 50 to 100 feet of ordinary line, or 175 feet of very fine line.


It may also be used as a corkscrew?

Let the hunt begin!

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