revisiting the LEB co. tool kit

A couple of years ago, I blogged about finding an advertisement for the LEB co. tool kit.

An advertisement from 1912, it gave a little insight into the timeframe when the tool kit was made.  And, I have owned several of these over the years.  I

will also add that there are several variations of size and shape.

But, is the tool that we have said is a cork puller indeed a cork puller?

The advertisement in the 1912 publication doesn’t list a cork puller as one of the tools. That advertisement does list some of the tools that are part of the kit:

Hammer, Screw Driver, Chisel, Corn Knife, Dividers, Tweezers, Compass, Saw, Protractor, File, Round File, Rule, Bevel, Universal Chuck, Tool Handle, T Square, Scratch Gauge, Depth Guage [sic], Rule Gauge, Slide Calipers, Reamer, Countersink, Brad Awl, Harness Awl, Straight Edge, Ink Eraser, Tack Claw, Nail Set, Center Punch, Rag Needle, Sail Needle, Button Hook, Spatula, Scraper Stilleto, and ten others

Is one of the ten other tools a cork puller?

This morning, whilst doing a little research, I happened on a later advertisement.  This one from 1915, and not only does it list the available tools with the LEB co tool kit.  It illustrates the cork puller!


Yes, a cork puller indeed!