Another Curley Variant

As mentioned yesterday, I am working on a new project that surrounds the corkscrews of Thomas Curley.

I remembered an unusual version that BT had in his collection, but I couldn’t remember if it was a wooden handle version or a metal handle version.  So, I sent off an email to him, and in short order, I received an email with said a picture of said variant.

A metal handle piece, signed for T. Curley, the bell attached to the corkscrew has “windows” instead being a solid piece.



Very cool indeed!

Speaking of Curleys, the one that I mentioned the other day arrived.  It is indeed a bit “chippier” than the one in the collection, but it was a nice deal.  

It is, however, a double.  

Anyone want to make a trade?





There are a few others enroute to the island. Not Curleys mind you, but a nice little advertising piece.


What will turn up next? You just never know!