Combination Ice Pick

From Commercial America – Volume 10 (1913)

Combination Ice Pick

The Ira F. White & Son Company, manufactures of household cutlery and hardware, Bloomfield, New Jersey, produce a large variety of articles that are serviceable for the kitchen, such as can openers, bread, butcher, carving, paring and putty knives, slotted vegetable knives, mixing spoons, etc. Among the latest novelties added to this line is the No. 1747-AY Needle Pointed Ice Pick with Cap Lifter and Cork Screw—a combination utensil that is illustrated in the accompanying cut.


There are there styles of this ice pick and bottle opener made. The first, No. 1747-AY, has a needle-point pick of tempered steel, a nickel-plated cap lifter and a double ring corkscrew; therefore it is really three tools in one. The second, No. 147-AY is the same as the above except that it has no corkscrew. The third, No. 747 AY is the same as the first but without the cap lifter. To the housewife who is called upon to crack ice with which to cool the refreshments served to guests, or to prepare ice for the sick whose parched lips and tongue must be cooled and moistened, the utility of such a tool such as this makes a special appeal.

The utensil also has an additional feature that makes it of interest to those who wish an advertising medium. The handle of the pick is made of waterproof material, in two colors, and there is sufficient space on the handle for an imprint bearing any firm name and business. It therefore lends itself to the advertising purposes of ice plants, dairies and similar concern that want their name and business always before those who naturally are consumers of their products.

With the illustration being a little hard to make out, I went a bit further and found a similar article in Hardware Dealers’ Magazine, Volume 4 from 1914, the woodcut from that publication was a bit clearer.


With a bit more searching, in a issue of Refrigerating World, Volumes 47-48 (again from 1914) I actually uncovered an ad from Ira White & Sons, and this shows the corkscrew pretty clearly!


While the opener on the end of the ice pick says PAT. PEND in the illustrations, I haven’t yet been able to find a patent awarded to Ira White.  Still, it could be someone else’s patent, and Ira F. White & Son were merely manufacturing them.  Or, it could very well be that no patent was awarded.

That said, if you have an ice pick with a Clough corkscrew in the end of it, we now know who was making it!




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