National Drink Wine Day

February 18th, is National Drink Wine Day!

(for those of you not living in the U.S., feel free to drink along with us).

And, seeing that it is national drink wine day, you might as well break out an antique or vintage corkscrew and pop open that bottle (or bottles).

But, this would lead me to a question.  What corkscrew will you be using?


While a few of the corkscrews in our collection haven’t been tried out, as they look like they wouldn’t work on today’s corks–or they were intended for smaller corks–we tend to try most of them out (at least once).


My go to corkscrew is the Tucker patent.  It is such a cool corkscrew to use.


What antique corkscrew do you use on a normal basis (or for special occasions)?

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