Coors-Golden Clough

A week or so ago, I word of an online auction that was going to feature several corkscrews.  There were a couple of patents, the best being a Griswold.  That said, the auctioneer had a fairly high opening bid on that particular corkscrew.  Not that it wasn’t a decent price, but if you are starting in the hundreds, where would it go from there.

But, within the many lots of corkscrews (that is many lots of a single corkscrew within each lot) there was an interesting one that I thought might find into my hands, and ultimately into Tipped Worm Johnny’s hands.

While the auction was going to be available for live bidding, it started at 1:00 O’clock Pacific Time–right when I had to be elsewhere.  Coincidentally the latest Don Bull sale was also set to go live at the same time.

I placed an absentee bid, and headed to my appointment.

This morning I got word that I had won the auction, and little Clough/Williamson corkscrew with advertising for COORS-GOLDEN is on it’s way tot he island.

As it happens, the auction didn’t garner much action, with many of the lots being passed upon.  A few really good deals were there to be had!

(I really need to reschedule my appointments around my corkscrew activities)

This morning I emailed TWJ, and explained that I will throw the Coors corkscrew in the Tipped Worm Johnny pile with the other brewery openers / corkscrews that will probably result in some epic trade…at some point.



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