Over the recent months another collector-friend and I have been exchanging corkscrew images and making a few trades.

It then occurred to me that given neither of us have ever visited each others’ respective collections in person that maybe we should take a few group shots and send photos to each other.

And, soon enough the pictures were being exchanged.

It never ceases to amaze what unusual pieces will turn up in another person’s collection.  Yes, there are lots of similar pieces that we will both have, but inevitably in that other collection there will be a corkscrew (or corkscrews) that you have never seen before, never been able to handle, or never had the opportunity to acquire.

As the photos went back and forth, there were many corkscrews that I would love to add to the collection, and I assume the aforementioned trading friend would feel similar.  The two “hard to find” pieces that I really wanted are not available–not to my surprise, but I asked anyway.

There was one piece that I did inquire about, and the response was promising.

He could be persuaded…

Of course, the advantage in getting a glimpse of another person’s collection, is not only do you get to see what they do have, you get to see what they might not have.

Let the trading commence!

So, we started with my offer of the integrated handle Curley (the recent acquisition) for a few corkscrews and cash.  The cash being the sticking point in the beginning.

Well, that and I also asked for the two hard to find pieces to be thrown in.

You gotta try…right?

As we went back and forth, via messenger, we tossed out questions about this and that.  More photos were sent.  And, more photos were sent. Clarification would be sought, and in the end–not that this is the end as there surely will be more trades to be made–a deal was struck.

So, why #22 you ask?

Well, amongst the corkscrew collection was a single Frary corkscrew with the tell-tale decorative handle, but in this instance a direct pull.


And, the Frary is part of the trade (with several corkscrews changing hands) and will make the 22nd variation of a Frary corkscrew in the collection.

Thanks for the trade!  Your collection is awesome!

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