Have Trunk Will Travel…

One of the corkscrews that was long on my wishlist was the Anton Trunk patent.  And, I added it to the collection a couple of years ago, and it made my best 6 of the year.


Anton Trunk Patent



It is a pretty awesome corkscrew, and one of my faves.

This afternoon, a seller on eBay listed an example of the Trunk patent with a whopping buy it now of 45 dollars.

No, I wasn’t the one to get it, but wow, was that a deal!


Now, from the description, it seems like the worm is loose, and it does look that there may be a crack that is contributing to that looseness, and the worm looks to be short, but still, this is a very rare thing that was gotten for a steal.

Congrats to whomever clicked first!

On another corkscrew note, the Frary that was mentioned the other day arrived, and it will soon be added to the Frary page!


For those wondering, the worm is actually a little off center.  It was drilled incorrectly in manufacturing.  It isn’t an optical illusion.   A welcome addition to the Frary collection!