I always wanted to be a wine writer…

When I was in college, studying journalism, my goal was to write about wine.

I know, I was young and naive, and I thought that drinking and writing would make for an interesting, and lucrative, venture.

Of course, I did actually drink wine and write, with some of those stories not really being much about wine, or sometimes being less than coherent, given the amount of wine consumed, but I did put forth a valiant effort.

At least it seemed valiant at the time.

Eventually, I was given a job at a magazine, and I did get to write about things surrounding the wine world, and that brief stint at a wine publication piqued my interest in corkscrews, which I often write about…and, with corkscrews you open wine…and, so…it kind of all worked out, except for the lucrative thing.

Still working on that.

That said, today I found the perfect vintage corkscrew for one who aspired to write about wine, and who will often start an article, with a pad of paper and a pencil rather than simply booting up a laptop.

A mechanical pencil with bottle opener, eraser, and fold out corkscrew.


Now, this mechanical pencil / bottle opener / corkscrew hasn’t made it to the island yet, but this will definitely make a nice addition to the collection–and it may even result in an article about corkscrews, and pencils, and it will probably involve some wine.

Anyone seen a similar piece?  Drop me a line!



One response

  1. i have a corkscrew that i cant find on line anywhere,i would like to know if you can email me and il send you some pics of it,thanks

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