Chas J. Novotny

It isn’t that I have completely memorized the images that exist within O’Leary’s tome on American corkscrews…

Perhaps nearly completely…

Okay, probably not completely, but I do have a pretty good idea of what corkscrews exist within the patent section and those that exist within the patent wannabe section–those that were apparently not awarded a patent, but are marked Patent Pending or Patent Applied For, or some variation thereof.

And, the other day one of the patent wannabes, happened to pop up on eBay.  This wasn’t the first time it was up for sale, but the price was dramatically reduced.  And, this time around, it had a buy it now attached to it.

Knowing that I didn’t have it, I quickly clicked the button.

This can opener carries an advertisement for Chas. J. Novotny Furniture and Undertaking…


Furniture and Undertaking…


And, apparently refrigeration…

Frigidaire & Radiola?

And, radios?

It would seem that Chas J. was kind of a one-stop–and perhaps last-stop–business!


The can opener, besides the Novotny ad, is marked DOUBLE ACTION CAN OPENER, CUTS UP OR DOWN,  PAT. APPL’D FOR, GELLMAN MFG. CO.  ROCK ISLAND, ILL


A really neat addition to the can-opener-corkscrew-patent-wannabe collection.




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