Chas. J. Novotny… part II

I should add that the Chas. J. Novotny can opener with corkscrew is the first example of the patent wannabe that I have ever seen in person (now that it is here on the island) and the only example that I had seen previously was in the back of O’Leary’s book.

And, then…

Fellow collector, trading partner, and friend, Bob Gilbride sent an email yesterday with a picture of his example of the patent wannabe can opener.

And, what would you think was the advertisement across the handle?

None other than Chas. J. Novotny–undertaker with a shop full of radios and refrigeration.


Bob’s example, has a green paint, while the one that I just picked up is red.  Anyone have another color with the same advertisement?

I will add, that when I received mine yesterday, the return address was from Clarkson Nebraska, where Chas J. Novotny’s business was located.

Thanks for the email Bob!




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