Slow news days…

I recognize that it has been a few days since I last blogged, but there hasn’t been much corkscrew news to share.   I have been spending a fair amount of time at the shop, and when not at the shop, I have been working on our house on the mainland.

Yes, if I failed to mention this, a year ago the lovely bride and I put in an offer on a fixer-upper in Rockland, and after the offer was accepted, it took several months to iron out the legal side of things –clear title etc…

And, of course in between running a few businesses, heading off to Europe for corkscrew meetings and the like, every once in a while we would be able to get into the house and do a little work–and it needs a lot of work.

But, we have made progress.  Three of the rooms have been stripped of old plaster, sheet rocked, mudded, and primed. Floors have been sanded and oiled.  New windows installed.    Trim has begun to go up, and we have new electrical and plumbing.

Thus far, in opening up walls, ripping out insulation, clearing out the basement, etc… no corkscrews have been unearthed from the new project.

Not that there haven’t been a few corkscrews acquired via the usual channels; a Rohac Parrot missing his stand, Gemelli Bar Maid, signed Goodyear Patent roundlet.

Still, the construction work has taken over the corkscrew work.

That is until tomorrow.  Tomorrow the lovely and I head down to Portland, and then will be hopping a plane to Toronto.  Visiting the Paradis, the MacLeans, and possibly the Cutajars, there will probably be a corkscrew or two found.  I haven’t planned on taking any tradebait with me, but you just never know.

I will update the blog accordingly, and who knows, we might find a rare and unusual corkscrew on our drive tomorrow…

Stay tuned.