As you regular readers know, I have a thing for Converse cork pullers.  Sure, they turn up with some regularity, but that only adds to the excitement of finding a variation that you don’t have.

And, just the other day, a Converse patented cork puller was put up on eBay with a very low Buy it Now.

At all of about 12 dollars, had it been a normal Converse, it still would have been snapped up, but this one–once again–carries advertising across its sheath.  Moreover, it happens to be an advertisement that we don’t have in the collection.

12 dollars…don’t own it?  How could I not?

So, I clicked, paid, and awaited its arrival.

And, yesterday the “MURRAY HILL CLUB, WHISKEY, JOS.A. MAGNUS & CO, CINCINNATI, O.” Converse arrived.

This makes the 13th different advertisement that appears on the Converse sheath, or alternatively the handle, within our collection–although I know of at least still two others in other collections.

Interestingly, Jos. A. Magnus is now being produced again by the great grandson of Jos.A. Magnus…  You can link to an article about that venture here.

Not coincidentally, another package arrived today, and it too contained a Converse!  This time it has the original box and some instructions–in French.


Soon enough, these will be added to the Converse page.

If you have a Converse cork extractor with advertising, drop me a line!

Well, if you have any old, antique, vintage, or unusual corkscrews feel free to drop us a line…




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