Of Meissen Men

Whilst in Toronto, one of our adventures was to visit the Gardiner Museum wherein we found a fantastic collection of Meissen pieces.  As we wandered through, I mentioned to the lovely personal personal trainer that there are some wonderful Meissen corkscrews.

I described them to her, and she seemed intrigued.  And, while the collection is decidedly focused on American corkscrews, I knew that we needed a Meissen figural corkscrew for the lovely’s collection.

Knowing this, the search began.

Although, it didn’t take long as the is a seller on eBay who has sold three Meissen corkscrews in the past, and had just recently added two more.  The two auctions ended today.

And, while I did bid, I was promptly outbid.  And, they both are being shipped to Romania…

But, as fortune would have it, what should appear on another antique collectibles website this afternoon but yet another Meissen!

For a very fair price, and without any bidding competition!

A handsome little piece!

And, it will soon be arriving on the island!

2 responses

  1. Hi Ian, Not sure if they all came with corks, but many turn up with them. That said, there are some that are only stoppers rather than including the corkscrew, so I guess when you see one, and suspect it might be a corkscrew, give the piece a turn!

    How about that can opener article… Any chance that you might send it to me?


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